Work, knowledge and power in contemporary capitalism | Praca, wiedza i władza we współczesnym kapitalizmie


PTSSociology of Work Section
of the Polish Sociological Association


in cooperation with:

Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gdańsk

Gdańsk Department of the Polish Sociological Association

Organizing committee:

  • dr Bartosz Mika, University of Gdańsk (chairman)
  • dr hab. Adam Mrozowicki, University of Wrocław
  • dr hab. Ewa Giermanowska, University of Warsaw
  • dr hab. Sławomira Kamińska-Berezowska, University of Silesia
  • dr Elżbieta Kolasińska, University of Gdańsk
  • dr Joanna Róg-Ilnicka, Sociology of Work Section of the Polish Sociological Association
  • mgr Olga Czeranowska, University of Warsaw
  • mgr Mateusz Karolak, University of Wrocław
  • mgr Dobrosław Mańkowski, University of Gdańsk
  • mgr Weronika Kamińska, University of Gdańsk

SBW – Katowice 2017

3rd International Conference

Guy Standing in the keynot lecture during the first edition of the SBW